Thanksgiving Party with More Free E Hookah

thanksgiving 2015

In light of our Halloween success with giving out free electronic hookah pens, we will continue to give out Fantasia e hookah pens at our Thanksgiving party tomorrow evening.

For more information regarding our events, you may view our event calendar or you can contact us using our contact form at any time. Our dinner party will begin tomorrow evening at 5PM and as usual, we will have a DJ. This event’s featured DJ will be DJ Maxxine who has been phenomenal in the past and was recruited over two years ago for several Fall and Winter events.

Free cake and dessert will be served from 8PM – 11PM. We will have mashed sweet potato pie, marshmallow on a stick, and many more great foods.

Attire: We will ask that all our guests dress business casual. We cannot allow anyone in with jeans and sneakers. Valet parking is also available during these hours for free! We want all our guests to look stunning and absolutely enjoy this great time of the year. We will also be playing the Macy’s parade on several flat screens and a projector. We will have the NFL game playing on the east projector and flat screens.

I know that it is getting colder outside, but we will ask that all our e shisha users to use their pens on the patio or outdoors. After 11PM, we will allow users to use their e hookah pens indoors as the kitchen will be closed by then and no more food will be served. The bar will be open until 3AM to serve Thanksgiving specialty beverages and the usual drinks.

If some of you are still not familiar with e hookah pens or Fantasia’s hookah pens, you can scroll down on our home page to read a little more about e hookah. These are not electronic cigarettes and they do not contain any nicotine in them. However, they produce vapor that are fruit flavored and will look like smoking. We do not recommend that you give these to your children. We will only be handing these out to adults, one per adult. These pens are completely safe to use and there is no harm that comes with using them.

Fantasia E Hookah

See you all Thanksgiving!

New Hotel Menu in Developement

We are developing a new hotel menu for those of you who are staying with us. We will have a spring/summer menu along with the fall/winter menu with whopping new flavors that are mouth watering just to read the names of them. One of the items, you have already read in one of our previous posts, the Surfer! Yes, be excited for more exciting new additions like the surfer.

Here are a few additional items that you might be seeing really soon:

jaoquan tacos

Joquan Texan – This is the ultimate taco combo. These are not your typical tacos, they are made with high quality soft shell tortillas. There will be three tacos in this combo. The first is the Joquan Billy, which includes pomegranate, pomegranate salsa, ricotta cheese, ranch dressing, seared chicken and a number of spices. The second is the Joquan Arsenal which is a spicy taco made with cayenne pepper infused tortilla, spicy yellow salsa, pickles, corn, and steak. The final taco is going to be a surprise, stay tuned to learn more about it.

The Aftermath – This is inspired by one of our famous items from another restaurant. This is a flat bread wrapped German sausage roll with green salsa, steak sauce, jalapeno peppers, spicy mayo, and a few other secret ingredients. This is a delicious roll but beware, it is going to be very spicy!

Amore Aura – This one is going to be loved by anyone who enjoys sweets and likes having their second serving of dessert. This is a corn-based bread, drizzled with condensed milk, pomegranate, raspberry syrup, and topped with tortilla chips.

Happy King – This is for those who enjoys eating a filly and hearty meal. This includes prime rib steak that is grilled to perfection and slathered with our famous honey sauce. Top it off with some bacon mash, cranberry sauce, and apple chips. This will also come with a full side salad with fresh romaine, cherry tomatoes, onion, pomegranate, and watermelon sauce.

Here are some new drinks that will excite you!

new cocktail drinks

Call Me Crazy – This drink is a mixture of three different types of rum, a vodka, cranberry juice, coconut milk, and toffee.

Darth Maker – A blend of fine whiskeys mixed with apple juice and a drizzle of pineapple juice.

We are also looking to expand our hotel just slightly! We are adding a pool to the rooftop of the Everglade tower with seating around the pool. We will also add two new pool tables, table tennis tables, and a bar at the rooftop. Enjoy the view from the rooftop with a fine drink mixed by one of our professional bartenders.

New Chef Coming Through

best lobster tail

As some of you may know, we have let go of one of our long time head chefs, Chris Voutsinas. He was violent, incompetent, and just wasn’t fit for the job. He has produced some good dishes including our brisket-based menu items and some of our pastries. Even though Chris is no longer here, we will still have brisket and even more pastries than before. The brisket is now more tender than ever and tastes better than it initially had tasted. Come check out what the fuss is all about!

Our new chef coming in to replace Chris Voutsinas is Jamaal Jenkins who has been one of our top head chefs in one of our restaurants. He has worked with his crew to produce many famous recipes that many of our customers have come to love over the years. His most notable dish is the Surfer which is actually inspired by the Fantasia e hookah pen and is one of our top selling dishes. It is a pineapple coconut fried rice dish with grilled shrimp and green salsa lobster tail.

We will be giving out samples of the new Surfer that was developed specifically for Paloma River Walk and this sample extends to even those who are staying at the Paloma hotel. If you are looking to try something new and delicious, this is something that you have to try! Want to be the first in line at a taste of the best? Come by tonight during our Halloween day party.

Dj Spizn will be here as well with a mix that he made just for the release of the new Surfer dish.

We are still working on the pricing of the product, but for the rest of the week, get this delicious dish for only $10.00 at Paloma River Walk and our sister restaurants.

Free E Hookah Pen Giveaway

Due to the first night of success with the free e hookah pen giveaways, we decided to up our giveaway game a little more. Now we are giving out the highest of quality, Fantasia e hookah pens for absolutely free. Limited to one per person who attends the event. These e hookah pens are premium and comes in premium flavors. Each pen holds up to 800 puffs. Flavors will be given out at random.

Since many people were asking about it, we have been directing them to our website so that they could get more information. So here’s the post that will include some additional information about e shisha pens that you might not know from before. These pens are generally nicotine-free and always tobacco-free. The ones that we are giving out do not contain any nicotine in them and are FDA approved. Fantasia is a very well known brand that many people have used both to quit smoking and just for fun.

Will they harm your health in any way? No. You are essentially inhaling water vapors that are flavored with fruits and food. The composition of the juices that are being vaporized are all organic and tested to be safe to be used before they are put on the shelf. These portable shisha pens are perfect to use for anybody and will not run out of battery when not in use! It will last you several days to come.

Should you allow your children to use these pens? We do not recommend them to use it simply because we don’t want them to be pretending to be smoking hookah or cigarettes. As an adult, you can use them and be perfectly fine with it!

fantasia e hookah portable shisha

Here is a list of some of the flavors that you will see at tonight’s event: Washington Apple, Magic Dragon, Surfer, 4Play, Joker, Dirty Blonde, Purple Haze and more.

The winners of yesterday’s costume contest goes to Jerry and Helen! Thank you all for participating, as we are continuing tonight with more events, games, and freebie giveaways! Let’s have fun tonight!

First Event of the Fall

It is no surprise that the first event of the Fall 2015 is the Halloween Berserk Party that we will have having over the weekend between 10/30 – 11/1/15! Come join us for drinks, great Halloween inspired foods/dessert/pastries, and many awesome people in costumes.

We will be having a guest DJ, DJ Spizn who has DJ’ed at a few of our restaurants before. He is a great professional DJ that knows how to get the party jumping!

taco baby

On each day, at 8:00 PM, we will be hosting the costume contest. Each day, we will select a new winner or group of winners. Winners will get free meals for a week. Runners up for up to 2 places behind will receive 1 free meal courtesy of Paloma. To redeem your winnings, you must call Paloma with your coupon code and make a reservation. We will do our best to keep the best table for you on the terrace with the view of the lake.

We have already seem some pretty amazing costumes in the area and look forward to seeing you all here.

We are also giving out free e hookah pens to everyone who attends the event. E hookah pens are safe to use and strictly meant for fun. However, we still do not recommend that you give these to minors. There is no nicotine or tobacco in these electronic vaporizers, and they are completely smoke free! Enjoy these vape pens for absolutely free just by attending our event!

Children will be given candy if a costume is worn! So be sure to make your children look super cute with the costumes for the next coming nights.

The event will be closing on this late night at 3:00 AM for those of you who want to stay late and get your drink on. Free dessert will be given out from 8:00 PM – 1:00 AM.